Vision : We soar high to lift the next generation.

Mission : To meet and exceed customer satisfaction and become a mainstream in the customers’ daily life. To continously work in the improvement of our product until we attain the ultimate and highest standard possible. To dominate the industry and gain a substantial role in our country’s Economic Life. 

"Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." -Vince Lombargdi 

Strategy :

DEX International Co. is a dynamic and innovation conscious Engineering outfit, which concentrates in the field of Material Handling Equipments. Our combined experience covers more than 24 years of actual and real practice in almost all Branch of Material Handling Industry. Utilizing these experience, we have gathered several inputs on what will be our companys direction in the present and coming years, with special emphasis on the following programs: Thru personalized attention to each of our Customer needs, Big or Small, exerting our utmost effort and total resources in understanding and providing the exact solution. Total commitment to provide our client with the most ideal, economical, safety and most efficient Handling system for their respective operations. Continuous effort and Investment in our research and development. Obligation, in order to attain and be ahead with the latest technology, here and abroad. Serious program to continuously improve our existing Rule in every Business dealings that we will Handle. We are confident that with this direction, we will surely achieve our Objectives and Goals in our Business Endeavor.  

Introduction :

DEX International Co. is a professional Marketing and Engineering outfit, specialized in Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning andMaintenance of Various MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT. It represents several International Renowned Equipment manufacturers, either as Exclusive agent or Authorized Representatives in the Country. Our principals are committed to support us in all our technical, Supply, Parts and Service  needs, as well as Total Responsibility within our Warranty Obligations.

We are specialized in Various Material Handling Equipment and we are proud to say that the products we represent are the leading brands not only in Philippines but worldwide. Below are the List of Products that we handle with the corresponding Brand and manufacturers that we represent :


Brand: “Nippon Hoist”

Maker: Nippon Hoist Co. Ltd. 

One of the most popular Japanese designer and maker of all types of Hoist cranes. They have more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of hoisting units, Saddle components and complete Crane System. Their product is Exported all throughout Asia including Mexico and other South America countries. We have been representing this company for 25 years as their Exclusive agent in the Philippines. We have supplied more than 3,000 cranes all around the country and we can proudly declare that we have the most number of cranes supplied in the Philippines.


Brand: “Telecrane”

Maker: Lee’s Hi-Tech Enterprise Co. Ltd. 

Developed the most Economical yet Safe and Reliable Industrial Remote Controller. Compact Design and Easy to use for Crane Operation. Suitable for various Diversified Industrial Applications.


Brand: “Haisung” 

Maker: Haisung Industrial Systems Co. Ltd. 

Korean manufacturer of Lift Gears for all application specially for Gondola machine. Their product is very popular around the world and is noted for quality and reliability. Haisung slogan is GOOD 3 which means Good man, Good Product, Good Company, and Haisung never fails to live with this Slogan.


Brand: “NH”

Maker: Nippon Hoist Co. Ltd. 

This company is the pioneer in the design of Cargo Lifts using their own Hoisting unit and specially designed Downfall Safety Devise. Likewise, we are the first to introduce SELF STANDING CARGO LIFTS in the Philippines. We have installed hundreds of Cargo Lifts since 1980 and majority of these installations are still operational until now.


Brand: “Good Friend”

Maker: Feng Huang Co., Ltd.

Specialized Taiwanese manufacturer of Special Cargo Lift Hoist and Winch Drive. They have been investing for years in researching and developing the most advance Elevator Drive. They are the manufacturer of Double Wire rope Hoist system which was designed for added strength and Safety, especially during Long and Continuous.


Brand: “Nitchi”

Maker: Nichi Co., Ltd.

Japanese Manufacturer of all types of Chain Hoists. Applies strong emphasis in Efficiency, Economical, and Durable Product. Nitchi Hoists is a series of Chain hoists from 500kg to 50ton capacity. This product is very popular in Japan as well maker is noted as very Prestigious Japanese Company.